Finding Accessories to Match your Blinds in Leeds

Finding Accessories to Match your Blinds in Leeds

Interior Design Ideas in Leeds and Yorkshire

The principles of interior design colour matching don't mean that we choose only a single colour throughout the room. Instead, it is possible to use a tonal colour scheme. It's about coordinating colours from the furniture and blinds with other colours found in the soft furnishings and decor. These colours may feature in the detail. Or they might be a solid, base colour.

A colour wheel is a handy tool to help us determine which colours work well with others. Once you have your main or base colour, select the colours closest to it on the colour wheel. These are known as harmonious colours. Accent colours can then be selected from the opposite side of the wheel.

Start with your main furniture. This is often in a neutral colour like chocolates, creams, or greys. Your blinds and curtains will feature stronger colours, and possibly patterns too. As they frame the windows, or the eyes of the room, they are key to your decor design. You need to find accessories and soft furnishings that will complement the colour.

When you are shopping for accessories in Leeds, places like Debenhams or Barker and Stonehouse for example, you need to consider more than just the colour. Think about the textures, patterns and shapes you are bringing into the room. There are some very dynamic shaped glass decanters in store at Harvey Nichols right now that would look beautifully ornate. They are colourless, but can be filled with a liquid of any colour you choose.

Cushions can also be coloured, patterned, and textured to suit your interior design. They come in several sizes so you can create a layered effect. Cushions in very strong accent colours work extremely well. See if you can find any that also pick out the colour from your blinds. Faux furs and coarse wools are very good textures to add to your living room.

You can also find interesting textures in rugs. Rugs are available in a wide range of patterns and colours as well. Barker and Stonehouse currently stock an extensive range of pattern rugs. You can find square, stripe, and triangular patterns in striking colours. Choosing a multi coloured rug provides you with an easier way to colour match to your base tones or your accents.

Wall art is particularly popular at the moment. Contemporary pieces often feature dynamic shapes and strokes in bold, vibrant colours. Pick pieces that pick up your chosen tones. White backgrounds are often best. There are plenty of choices when it comes to accessories to match your blinds. See what you can find for your home today.

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