Fashions in Blinds and Curtains

Fashions in Blinds and Curtains

When it comes to looking at the different types of blinds, you have lots of variations to choose from.

A classic blind fashion is known as Roman blind. These are blinds that are typically made from quite soft and elegant fabrics like silk and linen. You’ll often find them in various patterns and colours; they offer a smart look to any room. People will often confuse these with another blind type; roller blinds. This is because they both involve long bits of fabric that cover the stretch of a window. They tend to be much cheaper as they are made from different, less costly, materials. People tend to opt for these if they want a modern look to their home. Roman blinds are probably seen as the most sophisticated choice of the two.

These aren’t the only fashions in blinds that you’ll find. There are also Venetian blinds and vertical blinds. Venetian blinds are probably the most common blind style you’ll find. They’re your typical horizontal slatted blinds. You know, the ones where you can decide whether you want the slats to be open or closed. Like roller blinds, these ones are definitely for the modern household. I can’t imagine many country houses enjoy this type of style! Vertical blinds are exactly what they sound like, blinds that are made vertically. It provides a different look than than horizontal blinds. Plus, they’re ideal for large windows, like a patio window for example.

And, let's not forget about the wealth of curtain fashion out there either. Yes, you can get some seriously awesome curtain designs if you look in the right place. Starting off, there’s always room in a house for some classic curtains. These are your typical curtains that don’t have fancy fabric or hang in a certain way. They’re timeless and add to any room. Then, you have delightful French curtains that use lots of folds to create a unique pattern and design. Excellent if you want to add some sumptuous class to your master bedroom. Another firm favourite is Japanese curtains which take minimalism to new heights. They’re incredibly simple but can change the outlook of any room.

So, you’ve seen the different fashion trends in blinds and curtains, which one is best suited for your home? Take care when making your decision, as the right blinds/curtains can add amazing style to your rooms.

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