A room for all seasons

A room for all seasons

A room for all seasonsIndividual motivation for re-decorating can be very different - a new home, a change of mind or inspiration from the pages of a magazine - but the schemes that people opt for can be heavily influenced by the time of year. In the gloom of winter, it may seem like a great idea to choose a bright paint and soft furnishings to lift your mood but come summer, you may find yourself wanting to turn down the contrast.

For this reason, here at Jaynes of Leeds, we always ask you to think about what your room might look like all year round. It is important to know what direction your room faces and how the sun will track through your windows as the months roll on. What may seem like a lovely saffron stripe wallpaper on an accent wall in February may begin to resemble a seaside stick of rock in the glare of the July sunshine.

Don't worry, we're not saying that yellow is bad. On the contrary, if sunflower gold is just your thing, we can advise on the curtains and blinds to complement your look. You might want to think about fine cotton or organza curtains to diffuse the light and soften direct sunshine in the height of summer. A Venetian blind would give complete control of how much light infuses a room.

In the same way that many people have a winter wardrobe, you can dress your room differently at different times of the year - perhaps a set of spring flower cushions will go with that bunch of Mother's Day tulips or some warm gold cushions can reflect the colours of autumn.

These small changes can re-invigorate a room without you having to go through the rigmarole of redecorating. And as they say, a change is good as a rest!

The picture shows Perfect Fit Roller blinds,incorporating the fabric Autumn Ebony, fitted in the bay window of a house in Bridlington. For more pictures visit our roller blinds gallery page.

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